Understanding Your Personal Responsibilities As A Board Director


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As a director, do you have a job description for your role on the board? Do you fully understand what you should be doing? In this course, you will learn about the responsibilities and expectations of Board Directors, so you can effectively carry out your fiduciary duties on behalf of the organization.


In today’s environment, the accountability requirements for Boards and Board Directors, has been greatly enhanced. This heightened level of accountability has brought about new standards in the governance role of the Board and its Directors. You must be able to carry out these responsibilities in a highly diligent manner. 

With this course you will receive a detailed 11-page governance guide, 20-minute video training module and a sample governing policy you can start using today to define the specific responsibilities and expectations of each director so you can begin upholding a standard of accountability for your board.

What You'll Learn

  • A general overview of role and responsibilities that should be required of ANY executive director
  • Legal obligations of the director
  • Independence and objectivity including ethical decision making and conflicts of interest
  • Why ongoing learning and training benefits the director and board as a whole


About your instructor: Darrell Kuhn

DJ (Darrell) Kuhn, author of The Boardroom Blueprint, is a noted leader and visionary with a successful career in an executive leadership and a member of Atlantic Business Magazine’s prestigious CEO Hall of Fame. He has been an exemplary community volunteer and board member in roles for many organizations over the last 30 years including the Chamber of Commerce; United Way; Food Banks; Canadian Mental Health Association; Diabetes Association; Rotary Clubs and various Business Developmental Agencies.

A strong advocate for local non profit organizations, Darrell recognizes the profound impact on the communities they serve. He believes that the creation of a strong governance structure and leadership capacity, significantly impacts the effectiveness, brand and reputation of any organization. This passion and experience has positioned Darrell as a foremost expert in effective board governance and leadership.

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