About D2

The non profit industry is fraught with a severe lack of governance practices, which has often led to poor operational performance and often, irreparable reputation damage. Many non profit organizations operate without a sound governance structure. Many Boards are also unaware of what a good governance structure looks like or simply do not see its importance until something unfortunate happens.

That’s why we’ve created a series of easy-to-follow online courses and governance resources for non profit organizations, to help you build a sound governance structure and improve your operational efficiency and community support.

We have been involved with nonprofit board organizations for over forty years, facilitating many governance development sessions with boards over that time. We’ve witnessed how board members, who were initially passionate and excited about their position, have become frustrated and disengaged, and have eventually left their board.

Every board member deserves a successful directorship. Every board member also needs governance knowledge to be successful. We’ve created this learning experience for all board directors, new members and old, in order to create a more efficient and well run board.

We welcome you to your inevitable success as a board director!

The D2 Team

Skills We Teach


Performance Assessment

How to evaluate the performance of your board members and the board as a whole.



Best practices in finding qualified candidates and filling board positions.


Roles & Responsibilities

Understanding what is expected of you and the other members of your team.


Board Strategy

Processes and exercises that help your board plan ahead and achieve collective goals.

About your instructor: Darrell Kuhn

DJ (Darrell) Kuhn, author of The Boardroom Blueprint, is a noted leader and visionary with a successful career in an executive leadership and a member of Atlantic Business Magazine’s prestigious CEO Hall of Fame. He has been an exemplary community volunteer and board member in roles for many organizations over the last 30 years including the Chamber of Commerce; United Way; Food Banks; Canadian Mental Health Association; Diabetes Association; Rotary Clubs and various Business Developmental Agencies.

A strong advocate for local non profit organizations, Darrell recognizes the profound impact on the communities they serve. He believes that the creation of a strong governance structure and leadership capacity, significantly impacts the effectiveness, brand and reputation of any organization. This passion and experience has positioned Darrell as a foremost expert in effective board governance and leadership.